Just because….

So I wanted to touch on a subject really quick and I promise not make it a long winded blabber. I’m over it how people and trainers think that just because their client is sweaty and exhausted that they got a great workout in. Think that you got to be dripping sweat to get lean? That is not the case. I recently heard someone say that they felt they got a great workout in but they didn’t sweat so they didn’t think it was enough. Let me say this. Just because you aren’t dripping with sweat does not mean that you did not do anything to better your body. You can jump up and down and wiggle like an idiot for an hour and sweat your balls (tits if you are a girl) off and yes burn calories but what is it doing to benefit your body outside of losing water weight and burning  aerobic calories? Nothing! Want to get ripped and burn fat and get lean. Then don’t be afraid of some iron in your life. Working your muscle fibers burns a ton more calories and FAT then bullshit 4th rate Insanity workouts. Eat the right foods. Lift weight. If you want to keep your cardio up then do some sprints. Its really that simple. Oh and sometimes you aren’t going to sweat that much and thats ok! 


8 Responses to “Just because….”

  1. I feel like I am failing, cause I’m not dripping wet like the others. I needed this reminder.Thank you! XOX

  2. Emily Amburgey Says:

    More than like this. I live in the midwest and we are so behind on the times of working out here. I have worked in the fitness industry for 15 years and all I see is these horrible trainers with knowledge of 15 years ago. Would love to see more people thinking like this.

  3. Brad Heinss Says:


  4. Real talk! (Trying to get my dad to understand this as well)

  5. B-radley Says:

    Man, i was feeling this way last night during and after my workout. I’m glad i decided to check you blog out this morning.

  6. Enjoying your blog! found you through IG–Great inspiration write more!

  7. rjmacready1 Says:

    Hey Brandan. Huge Bleeding Through fan. You guys turned me onto metal/hardcore. That being said, I am looking to lose this tiny gut I have and just look and feel healthier overall. Your lyrics have been an inspiration and now I think this website will be as well. Good luck in all your future endeavors and keep up the great work.

    Adrian roberts

  8. Jenn Tarver Says:

    I needed to be reminded of this. Honestly, I feel like if I don’t have rubber arms/ legs after lifting, that maybe I didn’t do enough. I have that mindset and I need to get rid of it. Too many times I always kick my own ass just with the thought that “I didn’t do enough”.

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