Let’s buy friends!

I have found myself being slightly less outspoken lately thus why I haven’t blogged in quite some time. I have always just spoke my mind at will and I found there is a time and there is a place to being outspoken. There is also the “pick your battle” element to being the horses mouth. In my case I was the ugliest horse. I guess as I get older I have become better at staying calm and not putting people on blast. To be honest I find people that live their lives trying to rip people apart on social networks and blogs really sad. Mainly those people are incredibly unhappy, lost, hypocritical and not successful. Oh and fucking assholes! A.K.A. not worth my god damn time! It just seems these days there are to many people fighting for the same scrapes off the table and willing to go for the throat over the dumbest things. I 100% blame the internet and social networking for making these people feel brave and so rich with power. 

If you are one of these people that has a large reach in social media A.K.A lots of followers do not think for a second it gives you power or makes your opinion matter more. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on matters but don’t use your reach to create enemies, drama and negative bullshit. Life is to short and you should use your reach and voice to create positivity in the minds of those who follow you not bring impressionable people into your drama. Let people decide themselves and use their brains. My fear is that a # matters so much to people that so we will start offing people to get more “likes” or “followers” and soon no one will be friends. I look around and just see people trying to shit talk there way to the top. It’s just tired and sad! People need to worry about themselves a little bit more or they will end up lost in a fake reality. BE POSITIVE. BE HUMBLE. OH AND DONT BUY FOLLOWERS ON SOCIAL NETWORKS CAUSE THATS FUCKING SAD.


Brandan Schieppati




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