A handful of friends and a handful iron

 People can negative shit talkers! Bottom line. I am guilty of opening my big ugly mouth once in a while and it even bums myself out. Something that I have been working on is not really caring about what other people are doing or saying unless it totally effects me. I could care less about keeping up with the Jones’s. A big thing that we all as people need to understand is that we all have problems that we deal with on a daily basis. No one is exempt. No matter how perfect you think you are YOU have issues. How do you deal with your problems? Do you talk shit on other people about their problems to make yourself feel better about the bullshit in your life?Do you run and hide from them? It took me years of failures and mistakes to reach a point of true happiness. Lots of frustration and picking myself up from dark places. I created those dark places which is part of being human. I used to have a ton of people that I called “friends”. The truly amazing thing about going through a rough patch in your life is realizing who real friends are. Who will stand by you even in your worst hours? I found out that true “wealth” of friendship comes in the form of a few friends that without a shadow of a doubt will have your back and help right your ship. I can say that I am blessed that I have found those type of people in my life. It wasn’t easy but I found them. Through shit talkers, bull shit opinions and just plain bullshit I found them. We all have fight everyday for our lives. If you don’t fight then you are dead in this life. I found that the best way to fight for my life is to be positive even when it seems everything around me is negative. Talk shit? Who cares. You can not achieve success with negativity. You have to find that positive in everyday to achieve your goals. You have to push away the negative people in your life and allow the positive one in. You have to keep your eyes forward and narrow your approach to everyday. Start everyday with 3 positive thoughts. It can be anything like your dog, the weather, the person sleeping next to you or just the fact that you are breathing. There is always someone that has is worse than you. That is a fact. Here is another fact. If you spend your waking days being negative and shit talking people for fighting for their life then you are a sack of shit. I have problems and you have problems so fix the problem and do BE the problem. 

Listen to Slayer, grip a barbell, block out the haters and fight for your life



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