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Squat Hell!

Posted in Uncategorized on May 24, 2013 by riseabovefitnessoc

I love squats. Sometimes I wish that I could recover quicker so I could do them every day. I would rather wear sweats for the rest of my life and have strong legs then look like a fruit loop who’s idea of training legs never involves a Barbell. It usually consist of once a week doing the plate loaded leg press machine for 3 sets of 10. You know you got to fit into those skinny jeans! Make sure you wear your deep V neck shirt from Top Shop and show off your pecks! No thanks! DO this instead!


Squat Hell!
Do letter pairings as a circuit
A1 BB back squats 10,8,8,6,6,4
B1 BB back squats w/heals elevated 10,8,8,6,6,4
C1 BB front squats 8,8,6,4
C2 DB wide stance front squats 8,8,6,4

Tabata box jumps
20 seconds on w/10 seconds rest

you are welcome


Flesh & Blood

Posted in Uncategorized on May 21, 2013 by riseabovefitnessoc

Its amazing to me the similarities that the music industry and fitness industry have to one another. It is something that I get reminded of time and time again. I have to say it totally bums me me out as well. The main thing that bums me out about the fitness industry is how people will take slight popularity and form an incredible ego with it. Just like when a band you like is humble until they start selling records and then all of a sudden “rockstar attitude” happens. In this day and age it is very easy to get recognized via Facebook, Instagram, Vine, YouTude, etc. Not saying that is a bad thing. I am guilty as fuck when it comes to using these outlets to better my training and music career, my gym, my clothing brand and online coaching. I mean you are a fool if you do not take advantage of these things to better your brand. I will tell you what I am not guilty of though! Being a self absorbed ego maniac asshole because I have a social media following. To many people get to much credit for having 100000000 followers on Instagram or Facebook. I hear to much from people “OMG that person is like totally my idol”! WHY?!?! Because they can take a good picture? I don’t know. Maybe I am old fashion but if I look up to someone I like to know that they have made legit accomplishments in their life. Not just being awesome on IG or FB. Most importantly I want to know that that person is flesh and blood. To many times someone gains popularity and all of a sudden changes. Lately I have seen this way to much in people and it pisses me off. Stay humble stay flesh and blood. Most importantly for those reading this. Choose your idols carefully and know that these people you look up are human just like you. They make mistakes just like you. They breathe the same air as you.

You might be reading this and saying to yourself “Brandan people might idolize you. What about that?” Here is my answer. I’ve never wanted fame. I’ve had success through hard work and sacrifice. I never set out to be an idol or anything more than a human being. I will always make mistakes in my life. I will have bad days. I will let people down but I will always keeping working to better myself and I will always be flesh and blood.




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Tonight I went to go see my dear friend Chris Alas perform at a small bar in Costa Mesa CA. I’ve known Chris since he was in High School and he has worked for my band for the last 6 years. Chris plays in a one man band called Lobo Solo. Live he plays guitar and screams into a microphone. He plays along with music that he recorded himself that is being pumped through the venues speakers. If you have a mental picture by now you are seeing an out of the ordinary pretty unique set up. The bar was small and the music was loud and to be honest most people didn’t really understand or want to understand the performance. So I am watching my friend play his ass off and play this fucked up brutal music while these people that probably have never tried to create anything them selves talk shit and mock him. Now the majority of the people that were there were into the music but its life and you can’t help but focus on the bad sometimes.

So you ask why does he do this if people might not accept what he is doing? Because he is a believer. He believes that music is his sanctuary. His escape from the trails of life and no matter what the music sounds like to others, it sounds beautiful to him. This very reason is why I started playing music. It was my safe place away from insecurity and anxiety. It was either play my fucked up loud music that most people will not understand or death. My approach to fitness and the reason why I opened a gym and started a fitness company shares the same principals. When I felt that I have given everything that I have in a full time capacity to music I got into fitness. It was my other love. 

Fitness is my love. It is my safe place. My escape from anxiety issues. The way that I can give back is to try to inspire people to use fitness as a sanctuary away from the trails of their lives. I feel the same way towards fitness as I do with music in relation to my life. It is either fitness or death and just like my music I don’t care if people understand that or not. I am a believer.

Brandan Schieppati