My New Years resolution

I know a lot of people stick to one resolution per year but I like to make a list of and cross them off as I go. So I wanted to share my list with you in no specific order.

1. Expand and francise Rise Above Fitness (any interest feel free to email me! haha)

2. Deadlift 550 pounds

3. Squat into the 400s

4. Listen to more Slayer

5. Tour the world with my band Bleeding Through one more time

6. Eat cleaner

7. Eat more donuts (clean donuts of coarse ;0)

8. Laugh more

9. Frown less

10. Trim the friend fat (bail fair weather friends)

11. Start buying Records again (then illegally downloading the mp3s to my ipod)

12. Turn into a super human

13. Start 6 more business’s

14. Get alone time

15. Do more charity work

16. Do more of what I do best (love)

17. Snowboard more. 

18. Be with family more

19. Give more hugs (manly ones)

20. Inspire

Happy New Years




One Response to “My New Years resolution”

  1. You achieved number 20 right here buddy! I’ve been following Bleeding Through for years and also keeping in shape. The work you do with RAF has INSPIRED me to push harder! Seeing as you now sell program’s online I can be a bit closer to the RAF action. One day maybe you’ll bring your work, your fitness work, to England. If I ever come to Cali I’m heading straight to your place!! Look forward to seeing at the London show with Bleeding Through (if my damn ticket ever turns up!!). It’s a shame it had to come to an end.
    Cheers dude!

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