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Iron will

Posted in Uncategorized on December 14, 2011 by riseabovefitnessoc

Sometimes certain things go over looked when it comes to a weight room. A lot of people just think that the weight room is for pushing numbers and making gains. Now I do agree with a lot but that I feel is just the beginning. My belief is that it all starts in the weight room and not just for your sport or for getting “ripped”. This is for life and to better your life. Creating goals in the weight room and smashing through them and intern that will help you gain the strength and courage to smash through goals that you have in everyday life. Was your day shitty? Then kill that feeling in the gym and release those feelings. Listen to kick ass music and get to work! For sports and athlete development it truly does start in the gym. Having you teammates back in the weight room when you are going through a tough workout is comparable to having you friends back in life. It’s all about that culture in your gym and the process of belief in your teammates, friends and trainers. Cut the bullshit and go to work and have each others back. Don’t have that feeling when you go to your gym? Then it’s time to find another gym! RISE ABOVE.