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who gives a scientific @#$%!!!!!

Posted in Uncategorized on November 16, 2011 by riseabovefitnessoc

So a while back I wrote something on the Rise Above Facebook regarding a workout that we did. I recieved a comment/question (from a so called trainer) that read “what is the scientific reasoning behind this workout?”. Needless to say I didnt leave the comment on the board. I was going to just reply to him and post “who fucking cares what it is”. Instead I just said out loud to myself. Look I studied that same anatomy as other trainers and I understand that there is a science to fitness but lets face it sometimes you just want to do programs that are just balls to the wall cause you like it and it makes you feel accomplished.

Now I surf some of the popular fitness websites and forums and read a lot of what people have to offer cause in this business you can never read to much! Or can you? I think lately there is to much information(ego) out there. People boasting that what they say is correct because of SCIENCE!!!!!! WOW!!!! trainer X you are so smart and use words that I can’t spell (I almost misspelt spell) so you must be the be all, end all. Nevermind that you yourself look like shit and I would never want your body. You read more books. You must be the shit!

During this journey of mine through the magical forest of fitness I have come across people who admire and people I don’t. People whose programs and philosophies I like and people I don’t. I have also realised that there is a major lack of personality in the industry and 10000000000000 scientific reasons for executing a certain lift or tempo or rest period. With so many theories I all sort of goes in the wash together. The best is when I see people on forums that argue their scientific or non scientific with each other. It’s like religion for meatheads! It can go on for days and days and years. NO one is wrong and NO one is right. People have their views and that’s that. In closing I feel the best way to defend yourself from the battlefield of knowledge is to find programs and philosophies that work for you. Try things out. If it doesn’t work then try something different. It’s like buying a car. Take that shit for a test drive and see if you like it yourself. Don’t keep that car long-term if it keeps breaking down. Find what works stick to it and evolve with it. If you hit a road block then mix it up.


If you think I am wrong than you are right. Guess what? So are you! Lets all just hold hands and skip down the street and be wrong together. It’s called Belief!



Find Your Focus

Posted in Uncategorized on November 4, 2011 by riseabovefitnessoc

I feel that when it comes to working out there is soo much info out there. Do this, rest for this, eat this, take that. There are so many ideas out there it can be very overwhelming. Today my point is that we should make decisions in the gym that we can live with, workouts that we can be proud of. Brandan has been saying all week, “Keep it real, keep it simple” And he’s fucking right. Forget what media tells you and how many different articles you read about what to do in the gym. When it comes to the gym do what makes you feel proud of yourself. Create a goal, smash that goal, and then set the bar higher. Find something to focus on, because with all the bullshit thats out there, you may need a shovel to dig yourself out to find what it is you really want out of your workouts.

and listen to metal everyday…
– <3, Nurse Dana