All you’s is welcome!

When I started down this journey of fitness I envisioned working with gnarly people who were pushing serious weight and giving their blood, sweat and tears in the gym. Now although I do have my fair share of these type of clients I also have your everyday normal person that just wants to get in really good shape. They aren’t training for any specific sport or race or anything like that. They are training for life. So they can feel good about them selves and set personal goals that I help them shatter. Now this industry is riddled with ego. To many people who feel this industry owes them something for their service. Some of the people who I have learned/interned with had these ego’s and I got to learn what and what not to do in this industry to try to inspire people cause really that is all this is about. Writing good programs, teaching good form and inspiring people to do things they never thought possible. That goes for every type of client. With that being said I’ll get to my damn point before I ramble on more.

One thing that is engraved in my brain is someone who I used to look up to in this industry saying to me “I don’t want to train fat people and especially don’t want to have my gym be a mom gym”. That is one thing that has stuck and helped build my philosophy. That philosophy is I don’t give a fuck who you are, what sport you play, how fat you are or how many kids you have pumped out of you. If you came to me ready to work I’ll get you where you need to get and then passed that. Now that I have my own gym that has come true. Anyone that has been in my gym will attest to that. I have Athletes working out along side your many levels of men and women and it makes for a great environment.

I’ll tell you what I get stoked about. Seeing a mother of two doing proper olympic squats and getting off on the fact that she put up over 100lbs. Seeing a guy that used to be over weight and now can do unassisted pull ups. I get off on trying to turn people into machines and changing their mindset from a need to a want and then back to a NEED to get to the gym mindset. Everyone deserves to be challenged if they are up for it. No matter if they have 10 kids, weigh 6000000 pounds or aren’t an “ELITE ATHLETE”. A big fuck you to the people who tried to sell me their elitist bullshit advice when I was getting into this game. I’ll take those “fat people” and “mom’s” all day long and try my hardest to make them impressive.

If you are reading this and don’t agree with me that is perfectly fine but……. Fuck you too.




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