Squats, Deadlifts and heavy music

I will make this short and sweet! Most people especially men don’t work their legs enough and this might entice those who are reading this work legs into their routine. I’m going to give my friend Warren half credit for this advice I am about to drop. Work Squats and deadlifts to your daily routine. It’s quite simple really. If you are on a 4 day program Squat at the beginning of days 1 and 3 and deadlift on days 2 and 4. Keep it heavy! Meaning execute 3 working sets with a target of 5 reps. Now since you are lifting heavier take about 4 warm up sets gradually working up your weight till you reach your working set weight. What this does is get your body warmed up and also for men gets your testosterone firing before you start on your program. What people need to understand is that your legs are fat burning factories. If you are a guy and your just wondering why you can’t lean out as well as you want and your idea of working legs is elliptical or stair master then think again. I’m talking about blunt fucking force! This is get your burners working. Trust me you will be stoked. Same goes for women so don’t be scared of those things called weights. Your body needs muscle. Also listening to heavy music and air guitar and head bang in between sets. That will work the crucial wrist and neck muscles!



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