I love my ass

So the boss says he needs me to write a blog about Rise Above from a woman’s perception. Not really sure what the future of these things will be like but fuck it. My first topic is one even I struggle with, Body Image.


If you’re a woman and your not self conscience, you’re fucking lying. Get over it, some girls are big, some slim, and some in between. Embrace the body you were given and do the best you can to mold that frame. I’m super tired of seeing rad looking chicks say they are big. Fuck you guys. Tell that to an obese person who is trying to loose 100 lbs for their health, not for vanity. Weight is just a number it’s about how you feel. I wish I was 130 lbs, but its never going to happen. So, I do the best with what i’ve got, and I’m proud. I’ve got a huge ass & I love it! If you have rockin quads, be proud of what you’ve got! Love you’re body cuz its the only one you get!


If you’re unhappy with the way you look, quit complaining & get your ass in RAF.


– Dana!


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