Get that ass!

Ok this is for women! Weeeeellllllllll……. might be for men to. So you want that ass and you think having a nice lifted ass is all in your gene pool. I’m going to tell you that you are dead wrong. A nice non-pancake white girl butt can be created in the gym. Your Glutes are a muscle that can grow just like every other muscle in your body. Your probably reading this saying “no shit” man  but you would be surprised how many people are ignorant about that. One of the most popular request I get from my women client is that they want their butt lifted and fuller looking. Then one of the common comments I receive when I’m teaching them how to squat and deadlift is “but I don’t want to look like a body builder”! Let me tell you something people (women) if you think going to the gym and getting on a elliptical machine for an hour then doing the weight plated leg press machine 3 times with some ab work at the end of your workout is going to get you the results that you need then you are crazy, and you doing this because you are afraid to get to big? Don’t be scared anymore. To look like a body builder you have to dedicate your life and plenty of hours of the day to accomplishing that. So unless that’s what you want you will not reach that. I’m talking about a way that women can get the legs they want and doing the best with what they have to work with. Here are 4 leg exercises that I feel are essential for women to build the ass and legs they will be happy with. 1st, Squats. Proper Barbell back squats with full range of motion I the best way to target your glutes and help strengthen your lower back. Squats are whats going to give your butt a fuller look. It takes a lot of practice and training to learn how to properly squat but all the work is worth it so have a trainer help you with proper form. 2nd, Bulgarian split squats. This is a move were you get in a lunge position and rest you back foot on a bench, chair, tire or box. Try this first with no weights to get the proper form. There are a lot of different ways to hold the weights for this one. You can hold kettle bells, put a Barbell on your back or hold a dumbbell up against your chest. What ever helps you keep good posture during the lift is what you should use. I prefer Barbell on your back. I find this is the most comfortable and helps keep you back nice and straight. This lift with also help your flexibility in your hips and target the quads. 3rd, box step ups. This is also a good way to target your quads and glutes as well as your calves. This is a move that can be done one leg at a time or alternating and you can hold dumbbells at your side or one dumbbell in front of you or with a barbell on your back. This also helps people with bad knees strengthen the muscles around the knee. It also loosens the hips. 4th and most important I feel is the old fashion deadlift. Now there are plenty of different variation of the deadlift. Stiff leg, sumo and goodmornings. I think that the olympic style deadlift is the best for strengthening your hamstrings and basically everything on the back of your body. If you want a lift ass then you must have built hamstrings and they also help with getting to your inner thighs. This lift is important to have a trainer (hopefully good one) show you how to do this cause bad deadlift form can fuck you up! So don’t be scared or weights. You will see the payoff that you want and be stoked on it. Just takes that work.

Now if you want to just be skinny with pencils for legs and a pancake ass then you shouldn’t be reading this and I recommend never going in the gym and just not eating for the rest of you life. Have fun being skinny fat! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Peace I’m out of here!



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