Striking the balance

Power? Speed? endurance? What do you really want? Does your mind play tricks on you?  Does your body give up on you? A common theme for anyone that lives the lifestyle of fitness is second guessing themselves. Most people don’t have a plan or a program and if they do have one they usually get bored or lazy with it and revert back to curling heavy dumbbells in front of the mirror making their best strained lifting face. I’ve been asked about my training attitude  of late. specifically about how to not become bored and how to strike a balanced attack. My advice is to try to combine all three phases into your daily program. This will give you the well-rounded look and feel. Now if you are specifically trying to gain one of these phases for your sport then you might not want or care to try this. If you are just a lifer that is looking to shake things up then this is for you. This is how I approach all my clients cause I feel training people like athletes usually carries many benefits such as the number one goal of many. Looking good naked! don’t pretend that’s not why you started down this road.

Try this with your program. Make this a five-day program. Start every day with a basic power movement. Deadlifts, bench press, Weighted pull ups, Squat and over head push press. Do some quick warm up sets on these and then execute 5 working sets of between 3-10 reps increasing weight every time. There is your power. Move on to building a few circuits of 3 to 4 exercises in a row per circuit with little to no rest. try doing 3 set of these circuits using high rep ranges and combine isometric movements, body weight plyometrics and medium weight muscle isolation. Like a said try not to rest that much and there is your endurance. For speed I am a big fan of sprints. Incline treadmill sprints are a personal favorite. Set a good speed and incline and do intervals. for example. 15 rounds of 20 seconds sprint with 10 second rest on a 12 incline 10 speed. Some of my other favorites are prowler pushed. Sled pulls and good ol fashion outside 40 yard wind sprints.

knock yourself out and keep it brutal!



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