So in honor of my 31st birthday its time to try something new for the whole year. I am going to perfect and execute the 31 minute workout. At the age of 31 I think I’ve completely realized just how vain I am. My point being that these workouts are specific to any sports or concentrated on any particular muscle group. Yep no science behind this and that’s fine with me! I’m beginning to think Science is taking the fun out of working out. The objective is to go mental for 31 minutes doing a full body workout everyday. Trust me here this will still keep me strong and make my endurance go through the wall.

finally having my own gym I’m finding myself pressed for time and trying to work out in between clients which usually doesn’t go well cause sometimes clients come early and I have to stop with my workout. That is the way it goes though. Clients are always first! So I came to the realization that I have to be gnarly for a short period of time to get my fix.

So for this year I’m going to write my program, set my watch and bombs away! So you might be asking yourself what if you don’t finish the workout in 31 minutes? You fucking stop! This is the 31 minute workout not the 32 minute workout!

Suck it birthday!



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