Do’s and Dont’s

So starting June 1st I’m opening my first gym. That’s right! The first Rise Above fitness in Huntington Beach California. I was sitting here thinking about some of the things that I hate about gyms that I dont’s want in my gym and things that I most definitely want.


1. Weep your shirt on tough guy! Unless you are outside with the sun on your back keep your shirt on cause guess what? We don’t care how small your cock is!

2. No trance or lame ass clubber rave bullshit! We aren’t in Europe and no one is wearing a sleeveless turtle neck sweater! OH and NO FUCKING GODSMACK!!!

3. No gym sharking. Don’t be at the gym walking around without a purpose. Don’t be the person walking around for 3 hours looking at him or her self in the mirrors.

4. No loud talking. Don’t be that person with the loudest voice in the gym. No one cares what you are talking about and you’re not that important.

5. No flip flops or sandals. I’d rather see people working out with no shoes. We aren’t in Hawaii or Jamaica. Get real!

6. No sun glasses inside the building. You are not the Terminator and if you are then fuck yeah the Terminator goes to my gym!

7. Don’t judge others and their workouts!


1. Come to gym with respect for others and the fire to get to fucking work!

2. Listen to Slayer

3. find the boiling point. find the muse to be there and fucking giver!

4. Air drumming, air guitaring and singing along between sets fucking rules as long as you stick to the correct rest time!

5. Wear proper clothing. Sweats are bad ass and encouraged!

6 . Let the rage out as long as it’s not out on others.

7. Listen to Slayer!


3 Responses to “Do’s and Dont’s”

  1. Nick Koulias Says:

    um how does one sign up!

  2. Listen to Slayer!!

    I’m from Europe and we don’t wear turtle neck sweaters either lol

    Love the Air drumming, air guitaring bullet point ’cause that’s exactly what i do in between sets!

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