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The inspiration

Posted in Uncategorized on April 25, 2011 by riseabovefitnessoc

Today was a great day. I got to spend the morning with family and the afternoon and evening with friends. You never really realize how amazing life is until you take a step back and see the people that  you get to share your life with. I can say with all honesty that the amazing people I’m surrounded by inspire me to be a better person and I know that some people that are reading this blog feel the same way as me. Whether you are surrounded by many or few you use the people close to you as fuel for you life. Now being someone that always tries to look at life situations and how they apply to the place where I spend 60 hours a week. The gym! I started to think about inspiration and how someone can find the inspiration to keep pushing on in the gym. I personally think that its inspiration whether from the good or taking something from the bad that fuels my love affair with the gym. When ever I feel that if hit a plateau I will try to think of something that can inspire me to break through that plateau. I feel just as important as a good program it is just as important to be mentally inspired. Find the inspiration people use those feeling as your motivation. It my be your family, your friends or something bad in your life that you are trying to overcome. OK that is me being “emo”. My inspiration for this week is going to be my distaste for another industry that I am part of. That would be the music industry and how I feel it has been taken over by blood sucking hypocrites and liars. YES I’m bitter. YES I think most new bands and labels suck and just don’t get it. So what I plan to do is to try to be more of a walking example of my love of fitness and focus more of me the trainer and that will help clear my mind and help me enjoy creating my music. How will I do that you ask? By smashing my programs and running heavy sprints while listening to Slayer. How’s that for emo?

It’s clobbering time!