when is enough enough?

So I found myself in a weird situation today where I was just not satisfied all fucking day. I worked out in the morning and though that I was good. then all of a sudden found myself working out again. Then nother 30 minutes went by and that right there I was again doing another ass kicker circuit. I spoke last blog about finding that boiling point. Working out mad. working out pissed off and full of rage. Saying fuck you to the outside world and dumping your bullshit into the iron. Since I’ve taken this approach on I’ve been loving the results. This week though I’ve reached a point where I can’t find the point where enough is enough. Is this a common side effect to the way that I’ve been lifting or have I finally reached the point where my mentality is at the point of no return. maybe ive reached what I’ve been looking for. I feel focus and ready everyday for any and all challenges. I don’t know if id say i have mental problems but I think this is what I’ve been trying to find. The hunger that keeps growing and will never be filled. The desire to keep fighting and fighting and fighting. Dont know if this is making sence to people or if im just rambling. Let me make it simple. Workout like a maniac or don’t bother. Smash through your program and then bring yourself further! FTW

Suck It




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