finding the boiling point

Who fucking knows if anyone will get what I’m saying here but who fucking cares. I’ve read some things recently about people who smoke pot before they lift because it even out their temperament. Ummmmmmmm…… yeah that’s not really for me. Matter of fuck this sounds completely retarded(im not PC) to me! “But bro Arnold used to get high and workout”. fuck if that is true i no longer back Arnold. So I want to talk about another option. Finding the boiling point! yep lifting angry! getting pissed off! destroying the lift! Not getting mellow bro. Look at the mother fucking bar and break yourself! put your self in an aggressive state of mind and rip your self up. go ahead try it. Put every ounce of hatred in the lift and just see the results. Put yourself in a state where you almost pass out after every life. push your self to that brink. If you can just walk out of the gym and not feel wrecked then you just might have not given enough. So work on giving yourself up to the iron. Taking your drama and bullshit and using it into your lift. ORRRRRRRR. go smoke weed like other fucking hippies. fucking hippies. go take your hemp protein and chinese herbs and go fuck yourself! LIFT ANGRY! Oh and have a nice day.



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