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gym sharking

Posted in Uncategorized on March 27, 2011 by riseabovefitnessoc

Ok these are my opinions so please don’t take it personally. Or do take it personally and be the asshole who writes stupid comments defending yourself. Orrrrrrrrr please leave comments cause they entertain me. I want to talk about the art of being at the gym longer than 2 hours when you are not training for a bodybuilding competition or what I like to call “gym sharking”.  Everyone knows what im talking about here because you have all seen it before. I’ll give you some examples. First example is someone who walks around the gym at a slow pace and leisurely lifts weight. The voice in their head saying “hmmm, I think I’ll just go for a walk and hey there is a bar bell and ill think ill lift this really quick and oh the lat pull down machine is available hmmm ill go do some sets on that now”. Second example is some who powers through a set and then sits there for 15 minutes and sweats on him or herself and soaks the bench. This same person usually without shame stairs deeply in the mirror and gazes in their own eyes and says “I love you”. Ok so maybe they don’t say that. ORRRRR maybe they do. Another example is someone who I like to call the mayor of the gym because they fucking know everyone like they are the fucking mayor of the gym. This person also hangs out at the gym for hours sharking around the machine and circling around looking for people to have shitty mindless chit-chat with. This is what I call “Gym Sharking”. So now I will get to what I think is the way you should go. Fucking all out. Stick to the time of your rest increments on your program and get in and get out. If you are in the gym longer than 2 hours you are just there to think you are showing off your great bod or you are trying to make friend. I mean we all need friends but let’s get real. I personally think  if you are in the weight room longer than 1 hour you are wasting time. There is no rule book for the weight room that says you need to be lifting for 2 hours to get results. some of the heaviest hitters I know work out for max 30 minutes. Basically go fucking hard all the fucking time! Dont be a Gym Shark!

oh and do sprints not the elliptical!



when is enough enough?

Posted in Uncategorized on March 16, 2011 by riseabovefitnessoc

So I found myself in a weird situation today where I was just not satisfied all fucking day. I worked out in the morning and though that I was good. then all of a sudden found myself working out again. Then nother 30 minutes went by and that right there I was again doing another ass kicker circuit. I spoke last blog about finding that boiling point. Working out mad. working out pissed off and full of rage. Saying fuck you to the outside world and dumping your bullshit into the iron. Since I’ve taken this approach on I’ve been loving the results. This week though I’ve reached a point where I can’t find the point where enough is enough. Is this a common side effect to the way that I’ve been lifting or have I finally reached the point where my mentality is at the point of no return. maybe ive reached what I’ve been looking for. I feel focus and ready everyday for any and all challenges. I don’t know if id say i have mental problems but I think this is what I’ve been trying to find. The hunger that keeps growing and will never be filled. The desire to keep fighting and fighting and fighting. Dont know if this is making sence to people or if im just rambling. Let me make it simple. Workout like a maniac or don’t bother. Smash through your program and then bring yourself further! FTW

Suck It



finding the boiling point

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Who fucking knows if anyone will get what I’m saying here but who fucking cares. I’ve read some things recently about people who smoke pot before they lift because it even out their temperament. Ummmmmmmm…… yeah that’s not really for me. Matter of fuck this sounds completely retarded(im not PC) to me! “But bro Arnold used to get high and workout”. fuck if that is true i no longer back Arnold. So I want to talk about another option. Finding the boiling point! yep lifting angry! getting pissed off! destroying the lift! Not getting mellow bro. Look at the mother fucking bar and break yourself! put your self in an aggressive state of mind and rip your self up. go ahead try it. Put every ounce of hatred in the lift and just see the results. Put yourself in a state where you almost pass out after every life. push your self to that brink. If you can just walk out of the gym and not feel wrecked then you just might have not given enough. So work on giving yourself up to the iron. Taking your drama and bullshit and using it into your lift. ORRRRRRRR. go smoke weed like other fucking hippies. fucking hippies. go take your hemp protein and chinese herbs and go fuck yourself! LIFT ANGRY! Oh and have a nice day.