just a run!

So I don’t really have anything specific to write about today but that usually makes for a good rant. Here is what is making me mad in the world of fitness. The people with the loudest bark have the weakest bite! What does that mean you might ask? As I’ve written on here before why do people feel the need to speak really load in big groups of people about how much they just benched and shit like “fuck Bro if you only knew what my workout was you would freak out dude!” then you look at the person and they are the worst walking example of fitness that you could imagine. everyone knows that guy! The dude that wears sleeveless shirts in December….AT NIGHT! almost as embarrassing as someone who wears sunglasses in doors. It just screams “look at me people im cool, im important.” What it really says is “I’m a fucking asshole I totally workout. Matter of fact I just got out of the gym now and that’s why I look so buff!” I just think if you are going to play the role. look the role! I guess this last month I’ve just noticed so many people talking shit when they shouldn’t. Some are acquaintances. Some use to be friends. Which leads me to another point. Why can’t people/friends just support each other. If i had a friend that was getting started in a new chapter in his or her life I would support no matter what. Not shit talk when I gain nothing from knocking them down. So after my rant on shitty gym folk I guess this is me being bummed and annoyed with people/friends who are just shit! don’t get me wrong I’ve been blessed with amazing people and friends in my life and they inspire me to take on new challenges and I love them for it.

So here is my closing! Dont be a  douch bag gym rat and don’t be a shitty friend. yep and listen to Slipknot! guaranteed muscle growth…. Ok not really but it feels like it!

suck it!



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