blah blah blah. h and Abs!

Yep you guessed it if you read my blog I am not the best with grammar. Well who gives a shit I’m not writing the Third Amendment here. I use spell check like everyone else in this world and sometimes even that fails me. I know how to break up paragraphs but I don’t! It’s not my fucking style. I sit and I just write what comes to my mind. Basically I fucking rant. I’m a trainer and a BAD writer. Even though I admire people who have the time and are diligently criticising these blogs or anyone elses blogs I choose to just go with my style. It works for me. Perfection in the writing field is just not my strong point. Plus I’m not writing these to get an A+ in english class. Also this is what really gets me going! People that leave comments on my facebook or blog telling me what “T” should do with MY clients and MY workouts. Now I appreciate the feedback and I encourage the comments. I know not everyone has good things to say but please leave the know it all comment to yourself cause first off they won’t be put up. Secondly if I look you up and you are some fucking slob that weighs about 400 pounds and have never worked out in his or her life and you are trying to give me, my followers and clients know it all bullshit advice PLEASE SAVE IT! I’m sorry your could be decorated to high heaven with certificates but if you yourself isn’t a walking example or the venom you are spitting then shut the fuck up and go bug someone else!!!!!!!!!! YEAH hows that for bad grammar.

So here is my advice and i will keep it short and sweet! I find that I’ve personally had success working a little bit of Abs and core everyday but not hitting it hard everyday. Choose about 3 days to really focus on your Abs. Just like other muscles in your body they need a break once in a while. Plus its true Abs are made in the kitchen so getting on a solid diet will help  the most. OH and listen to lots of Slayer. That helps the Abs!




3 Responses to “blah blah blah. h and Abs!”

  1. I really changed my approach to working out since the day I started following your plan, I came from 4 years of boring routine and now I’m totally addicted to RAF! ah, of course, Slayerrrrrr!

  2. hey brandan, can you write a blog or give some tips for the amateurs or beginners?! i love your routines, but im definitely not at THAT level. most of your AFTER workout routines are my MAIN routines and i cant even finish. so ive been doing them until fail.
    youre always an inspiration, take care!
    and im sure everyone knows youre a pretty good writer.

  3. Brandon I like your attitude and your dynamic training principles, keep it up bro! By the way Bleeding Through crushed it at Noyz For Toyz!! Keep up all the good shit on both fronts!!!

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