gym talk!

I fucking hate gym guy talk! I don’t know if its cause I spend 12 hours a day in the gym and I notice gym guy talk alot more now. First off no one cares about your new workout program bro! So please save the loud talking in crowded settings.”Dude my chest is so sore man. I put up 800 pound today bro! You should see my new program!” NO ONE CARES!!!! “Bro can you spot me so I can try to lift way to much weight and hurt myself cause I’m trying to show off and make a spectical”. Now I’m all for being on a program. Being on a program is the most important step in the gym but unless someone asks you keep it to yourself. Now be proud of your program and leasurly tell your friends cause you generally care to spred the work of a good workout that will help people that you care about but randomly being a cool guy loud talker isn’t nessesary. No one cares what “SUPS” you take or that you added a “DIME” to your bench. The worst thing about gym guy talk that I can’t stand is if you look like shit and aren’t a walking example of your program then stop bragging and yammering on about how bad ass you are in the gym and how dissaplined you are. Now that makes you look like an asshole. Now you could say “well Brandan you talk about programs and diets and all that stuff”. This is true but you are reading this blog cause you are generally interested in what I have to say. It’s called having a forum and trainging people if my profession.I’m not saying my opinions are 100% right. I’m just shedding light on what pisses me off. I’m sure everyone know one or seven of these guys or gals in there life. Speek up next time and tell them to stop sucking thier own dick!



One Response to “gym talk!”

  1. You’re amazing and all, but please buy a dictionary.

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