Diet+Boring=Who gives a shit?

SOOOOO. I’m Into my second week of my new diet that my friend and colleague Greg Lanctot in Montreal wrote for me and I must say in the beginning I felt like I was detoxing from drugs. I mean I’ve never detoxed from drugs in my life since I’ve been straightedge for the last 17 years on my life but I think it was slightly similar. I had cold sweats and headaches. I was run down and sluggish. Failure is not an option so I just kept with it. Then one morning I woke up and I was in Beast mode! What is Beast mode? It is when you wake up at 6am on your own and jump out of bed run to the kitchen and slam down your 5 eggs, 1/2 cup of oatmeal and 1 cup of berries. Washing it down with a stiff black coffee. I guess it was the old saying “turning over a new leaf”. Just in two weeks not only have I seen a change in my body composition but more importantly since im eating clean I feel great. So if you are someone that works out like a fucking maniac and wonders why you are not seeing changes there are two things that need to change. One being you routine. I’ll put it simply for you. If you are not on program then that is your first problem. Why go to the gym and just guess everyday? Find a trainer ummmmmmmmmm….. Possibly ME and have he or her write you a program. If you are frustrated in your routine then put your pride aside and have a person that does this for a living write your path to success. Same thing goes for your diet. If you are feeling in a rut and things arent going the way you would like. Again put your pride aside and have a professional write you a diet program. Its alot easier to achieve success when you dont have to guess. Follow a program!!! Yes dieting sucks. It is boring and sometimes alienates yourself from the world but if you are serious then it needs to happen.




3 Responses to “Diet+Boring=Who gives a shit?”

  1. Justin Ermer Says:

    Wow, the diet sounds intense! What are some of the main things you can/can’t eat?

  2. Michael Bulkoski Says:

    The monotony of dieting is atrocious but achieving physical objectives is priceless.Keep pushing.

  3. Michael Bulkoski Says:

    the monotony of dieting can be atrocious but the rewards of attaing personal goals are priceless, keep pushing.

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