resolution bro!!!!

Now I’m sure everyone had a great holiday and if you didn’t I’m sorry to hear it. NOW IT’s RESOLUTION TIME!!!!!! I’m sure you are saying “I’m going to eat better”, “I’m going to work out at least 4 days a week”, “Bro! After the first I’m getting serious!”. If I had a knickel for every time I heard all the post new years jargon I’d have well…… about 70 cents. Nontheless it was something I heard alot of at the gym and social gatherings. It just amazes me that so many people have the fitness resolution and fail and then every year have some form of the same resolution. Don’t get me wrong the turn of the new year has been good for my business so far and I’ll be damed if I take an easy or let any of my new or old clients fail. It’s just not an option. SO I really hope that people stick to it this time. Nothing pisses me off more than gym talk by minimally dedicated people that will taper off a few months down the road. Well more shit pisses me off than that. So if you are reading this dont let failure be an option. If you are that down on your body or health then just fucking grow a pair and make the sacrifice and insted of sitting on your couch and watching your favorite shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Dexter just fucking use your DVR or TIVO and get in the gym and don’t eat like an asshole!  What was my resolution? realizing who my true friends are and giving them more or myself and not giving up so much time and effort for people that are fair weather. PEACE!



One Response to “resolution bro!!!!”

  1. But changing a fair weather person can be the greatest accomplishment of them all.

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