the sacrifice

So Xmas is over and done with and hopefully everyone didnt hold back from eating like an asshole. I know that I certainly did. I probably took in about 80,000 calories. I dont typically eat sugar so I was feeling alittle bit sick. So sick that i basically ate til I puked on Xmas eve. I think it was probaby the 10 deserts that I ate. It shut down my system and my body rejected it. SOOOOO now is a fresh start. Time to sacrifice something in your diet that will help change youre bodies. Im on day three of a new diet and even though I hate it so far I know that it will do me good. A life of fitness is all about making sacrifices. I know not everyone thinks like me but my new years goal is to spread a warrior mentality.  So make a sacrifice people! Here are some easy ones. Dont eat added sugars. Dont eat fried foods. Dont drink soda. Eat more times a day but balanced meals. Drink more water. Other than that train harder.



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