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the sacrifice

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So Xmas is over and done with and hopefully everyone didnt hold back from eating like an asshole. I know that I certainly did. I probably took in about 80,000 calories. I dont typically eat sugar so I was feeling alittle bit sick. So sick that i basically ate til I puked on Xmas eve. I think it was probaby the 10 deserts that I ate. It shut down my system and my body rejected it. SOOOOO now is a fresh start. Time to sacrifice something in your diet that will help change youre bodies. Im on day three of a new diet and even though I hate it so far I know that it will do me good. A life of fitness is all about making sacrifices. I know not everyone thinks like me but my new years goal is to spread a warrior mentality.  So make a sacrifice people! Here are some easy ones. Dont eat added sugars. Dont eat fried foods. Dont drink soda. Eat more times a day but balanced meals. Drink more water. Other than that train harder.



don’t be that guy!

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So with all the Xmas parties and opportunities to eat like a complete asshole you might wonder what to do. I say go ahead. Now I’m not saying go overboard and eat everything in your path. What I am saying is indulge a bit this holiday. Here are my reasons. First off if you are on a very low calorie, low fat diet you should always have at least two days a week that are cheat days. Here is the reason. Your body should always take it’s energy from the fat in your body. mainly the peptides in your body. The saying “you need fat to build muscle or you need fat to burn fat” is totally true. You should always make sure you have enough calories from fatty acids in your body so you can use as your every source so you don’t have to use energy from muscle tissue. You pretty much want to leave that alone. You need GOOD fats like Omega 3’s in your body to supply the energy. Now this mainly applies to people with dissaplined lean diets and lean bodies. No offense….Actually I dont care if you are offended but if you are fat this doesnt really apply to you cause you have enough fat in your body to run off of and YOU should not go over board these holidays. Have some fun but not to much. Secondly, Nothing motivates a workout more than the day after you eat like an asshole. It is a big mental thing. Even though you know that you need those calories you will feel guilty and you will fucking hulk out the next week in the gym and be persistant with your diet. Lastly DON’T BE THAT GUY!!! Don’t be the dick head at Xmas parties and Xmas dinner that makes it be know that he or she is not going to eat bad. You will look like a fool. No one cares about your diet and NO ONE wants to hear how strict you are. “No im not going to budge dude I’m more gnarly than you and i wont even take a bit of that on the holidays”. Please!!!!!!! live alittle. Dont go over board but live alittle here. Your friends put on the parties to have you enjoy it and let yourself go. Your famillies slaved away in the kitchen so do them and yourself a favor put your pride aside and make people and yourself happy!

happy holidays


lazzzzzzzzzzyyyyy dayyyyzzzzzz

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Ok so I know that i havent posted in quite a while but I assure you that I’ll be posting more. So this is what is bugging me lately. So ok it’s raining!!! BOOOOO FUCKING WHOOOO, everyone just cry about it. Why the fuck are people so retarded when it rains? Today on my way to the gym I had to dodge a car that drove through a red light and I spun out in the middle of the intersection. Thank god it was 6:30AM and no one was one the road and nothing happened to my car and anyone. Another thing is that the rain make people lazy. I’ve had more clients cancel appointments this week then ever before. I know it could be the holidays as well but I’m going to blame the rain. Everyone else is. I think come January if anyone blames the rain for not showing up or being late I’m going to start making them stand in the rain and just watch and get drenched while I run chute sprints just to prove that rain will not kill you! Just me I guess. Does the rain make me mad? YES! Do I want to workout harder cause of my displeasure? TOTALLY! Do I want my clients to fell that same way I do? ABSOLUTLY! Starting January that will start. BE WARNED!