I want today back

So we are in Sweden today and it was a 20 hour drive from Hamburg Germany whihc included two ferry crossings. I woke up today really wanting to hit my workout hard. insted we barly made it to the show and everything was a rush job. I didnt see the daylight today cause it gets dark at 330 pm in Sweden. I was so motivated that I wrote up a killer workout plan for today and was determind to crush some of the people on the tour. Insted I sat on the bus all day long and tried to do a circuit with dips inbetween the bunks and pushups and situps but the movement of the bus ruined it and actually made me more pissed. growing stir crazy i wish i would have gone for a run when i got to the venue BUT its 20 below and snowing. Tomorrow I’ll make up for it. Everyone on the tour that wants to workout with me be warmed. You are fucked!



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