goodbye UK

Tonight marks the end of the UK run of the Never say die tour and the end of the first week of the tour. All though I found it really hard to stay motivated to workout with the rain and gloom outside I managed to put together some serious circuits for those who are brave enough on this tour to train with me. Which leads me to this point. I love crushing people with workout. If I’m ever not in the mood to train I’ve made a habit of grabbing someone on the tour to torture. I guess I’m kind sick that way. I totally get stoked on watching someone struggle to get that last rep up and sweat like they never knew they could. So major props to those who have taken some moments out of their day to get fucked up (my way). See I dont drink or do drugs so my addiction is to training. With tons of drinking and smoking going on all around me on tour it easily pulls people. So I will pat myself on the back for pulling these few away fro the party to party with me. We will see if that changes in the next couple weeks. Welp goodbye UK. Thanks for the great shows. I had a blast and I hope you did to. One more thing though to those in the UK. Start exercising!


One Response to “goodbye UK”

  1. hey man was awesome 2 see BT again. thanks for coming over. its been a few weeks since ive worked out too, and reading ur facebook/ blog has motivated me 2 get back on it, so thanks 4 that too! so its not all people in UK need 2 start exercising, just the fat fuckers! lol.
    see ya again.

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