Finding the will to workout

So I’m in England and for those who have been to England and know that it is constantly cold, damp and grey. Being from Southern California I am not used to those conditions and it sorta buries my soul. I know that people in other countries make fun of people in the states for being fat and I agree that our country has a huge over weight problem. With that being said though I also think that people in other parts of the world need to look in the mirror once and a while and realize that they themselves are grossly over weight. I dont know if going to other counties makes me bitterly patriotic or I’m always that way. Maybe it comes from fat people in other coutries eating fries with mayo asking me why people in North America are fat. I’ve just come to the conclusion that the world has a over weight problem. Good food is expensive and crap like fried chicken, fries and coca cola are cheaper than a bottle of water. It’s sad but I feel in a three hundred years humanity will not be able to walk anymore because or lack of exercise and horrible diets. We will all be floating around on layZ boy chairs. So that is my motivation to workout today. I simple took a walk around England and realized that humnity is in trouble.


2 Responses to “Finding the will to workout”

  1. Ain´t that the truth. I´m starting our my own PT business here in Helsinki now, and whilst I am motivated by many things to do this, the biggest primus motor is being able to help people realize how much even basic levels of physical fitness approve one´s quality of life.

    Big fan of both your music and your fitness thing, keep up the awesomeness Brendan.


  2. Hi Brandan

    Caught your gig on Monday in Newcastle (a few hours after you posted the above) which was brilliant. We spoke briefly at the merch stand, about an hour or so before you hit the stage.

    I certainly agree with many of your points. In England junk food is so readily available and promoted to such disproportionate levels that it makes no sense, to the point where its just contradictory against scientific / Government advice regarding eating healthily – a depressing indication of the grip that fast food corporations no doubt hold upon society.

    Your final sentence was brilliant and hilarious (…. because no doubt you were referring to a walk around Newcastle, ha!).

    I’m curious… as to any observations you may have picked up from England in terms of this country’s sad obsession with alcohol and how easy and cheap it is to get hold of; (whilst i do enjoy the odd drink) over consumption is definitely a problem in the UK, in fact a study was published this week in England to say its more dangerous in totality than heroin. Anyway suppose the point I’m trying to make is that mass consumption of junk food together with ill advised social acceptance of ridiculous levels of alcohol is a serious concern in the UK (and no doubt over western countries including the US)

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