Dumb machines

Hello all. Welcome to my website. It’s still a work in progress and I will be adding video content and testimonials as well. With that being said this is whats making my blood boil today. The Elliptical machine at the gym is the dumbest looking machine in the gym. I understand f you have an injury and cant run, sprint or bike but if you dont and your mobility is fine then suck it up and make your body work hard. Plus the most important reason to not go on the elliptical is because you look like an asshole. Ok this is my opinion and im not really cool myself but I’m way cooler than you if I’m running sprints and you are on the elliptical machine and actual believe that the calories burned counter is true.



4 Responses to “Dumb machines”

  1. I agree…ellipticals make you look fucking goofy.

  2. LOL; i agree about the asshole part regarding the Elliptical machine. and i AM too COOL for that machine.
    so everyone knows, Brandan has been kicking me ass since i’ve started working out with him.
    i’ve have 6 trainers in the past few years and by far Brandan has kicked my ass the most! in less then 3 weeks im feeling results!
    Thanks Brandan!!!!

  3. Chris Perkinson Says:

    The calorie counter on every cardio machine is inaccurate. Nobody should beleive those numbers. I totally agree that the eliptical is great for someone with an injury. At the same time, if I can get someone into the gym to use an eliptical, isn’t that better than nothing at all?

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